Walk-In Instructions

Please review the guidelines and instructions below.

  • We do not need accessories, or standard IEC-type power cables or audio cables.
  • If your equipment has an external power supply or adapter (brick, wall-wart, or in-line type), bring it with the unit so we can ensure the power supply is not faulty.
  • Our minimum repair rate is $90 for labor and minimal parts for most electronics with the following exceptions:
    • The minimum repair rate for all McIntosh products is $150.
    • All BSS Audio DSP products (Soundweb London BLU or Soundweb “Green”) have a $180 minimum fee for normal updates. For component repair of a unit, the fee is $360. All units must be authorized for the full $360 repair so that we do not have to contact you if the minimum charge doesn’t cover the problem. Please be sure you have provided us the programming file as we need to load a test program for unit testing. Please let us know if you do not have the programming file.
    • Most speaker re-cone repairs are approximately $185. $90 is due for work to begin.┬áIf you would like a re-cone quote for your speaker, please contact us, and include the model number of the speaker.
  • The minimum repair rate for all repairs is due before any work begins.
  • After you submit the Repair Request form online, you do not need to bring a printed copy (but you can save a copy here). We will have one ready when you arrive.
  • If you do not attach your purchase receipt for warranty repair, please bring a copy with you.
  • If you would like the repaired unit shipped back to you please bring the shipping carton with the unit. Shipping charges will apply.
  • Please bring your payment or credit card with you when you drop off the unit. If you are a corporate customer, please bring a copy of a purchase order.