Shipping Instructions

Please review the guidelines and instructions below.

  • We do not need accessories, or standard IEC-type power cables or audio cables. NOTE for McIntosh units please send the remotes.
  • If your equipment has an external power supply or adapter (brick, wall-wart, or in-line type), bring it with the unit so we can ensure the power supply is not faulty.
  • Our minimum repair rate is
  • The minimum repair rate for all repairs is due before any work begins, unless its warranty. If warranty a copy of proof of purchase is needed for work to begin.

Shipping Instructions

Ship To:

Brandywine Electronics Ltd.
611 Carson Drive
Bear, DE 19701
Attn: Repair with Ticket# or RMA#

  • Be sure to insure your package for the appropriate amount. We will not be responsible for items damaged in transit to us. We may decline receipt of a package if the package does not appear to be well packed or damaged by the carrier. We recommend taking pictures of your package (inside and outside) before handing off to your carrier.
  • After submitting the Repair Request online, you do not need to include one in your box, but right the ticket or RMA # on the box near the shipping label.
  • If you do not attach your purchase receipt for warranty repair, please include a copy in the box.
  • Package the unit in its original factory carton if available. If the original shipping carton is not available please double box the unit. The inner box should be separated from the outer box by 3 inches of packing peanuts. Make sure you put enough peanuts in so that when sealing the outside box shut it compresses the peanuts somewhat. This will make sure the inner box is well protected.
  • MacIntosh Repairs
    • MacIntosh requires repairs be shipped in their original boxes and packaging.  If you do not have the original boxes and/or packaging, please contact us or the manufacturer to purchase one.
  • Speaker Re-Cones
    • Package them in pairs face-to-face and secure together via wire ties through the mounting screw holes.
    • If you are sending just one speaker, place the speaker face down on a piece of cardboard. Trace around the speaker so you can cut out the cardboard. Place the round cut out over the front of the speaker. Secure the cardboard to the speaker with wire ties.
    • For all speakers, wrap the single or pair of speakers in 2 layers of thick bubble wrap. Place in a cardboard box with enough room to allow 3-4 inches around the bubble wrap. Put 4 inches of packing peanuts in the bottom of the box. Place the bubble wrap contents on the peanuts and fill the rest of the box with peanuts. Make sure you put enough peanuts in so that when sealing the box shut it compresses the peanuts slightly. This will ensure the speakers remain in the center of the box.
  • You may include a check or money order with your package. Do NOT send cash. Do NOT send credit card information in the package. We will contact you when we receive your package.