Service Rates

Call 800.924.9992 or email to schedule service.
(Rates as of January 1, 2018 All rates/policies are subject to change without prior notice.)

Labor Rates

Non-Warranty Repairs

$110/hr for standard equipment
$180/hr for McIntosh, vintage and boutique equipment

BSS Soundweb Green Pricing and repair information: We are the service Depot for BSS Soundweb green. We our offering the same pricing that the factory was doing $180 for standard updates and $360 for any additional repair issues. When SW3088, 9000, 9008, 9010, 9011 and 9088 are sent in for repair we ask that repairs be approved for the $360  per unit amount that way we can process the units through with the repair technicians quickly. IF the unit only requires the normal updates we will do just that bill you the $180 and $30 return shipping unless you provide us a return shipping label or UPS account number Then it would only be the $180, if the unit requires additional repair like input , output or DSP issues then the full $360 will be billed.

 We also need to know if you are capable of reloading the program on your end. After we repair them we need to test them to do so we have to load a test file for us to be able to fully test the units. Once that is done we will rename the units back to what they were named so your Soundweb designer software will find them and reload the config file. If you do not have the software or file we will not be able to fully test the units for factory performance. As by loading our test file will delete your config file until its reloaded.

Warranty Repairs Require Proof of Purchase

*$50 minimum diagnostic fee for estimates or if service is found to not be covered by warranty. (Warranty Status on your gear will be determined by the Technical Staff. Proof-Of-Purchase within the warranty period is NOT a guarantee that your unit will be serviced under warranty. A warranty covers MANUFACTURER’S DEFECTS under NORMAL USE. ANY DEFECT OR DAMAGE THAT IS USER-INFLICTED IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY!) **If equipment is being shipped in for repair, calculated shipping fee will be added (approximately $25 on average).

On Location/House Calls


*2-hour minimum, for locations within 30 minutes. Regular hourly rates apply after first 30 minutes of travel. If the site service requires more than 1 technician, a customized quote will be calculated.

For more detailed information about walk-in and shipped repairs, service and a list of authorized factory warranty service brands, please click here. guarantees all of its non-warranty repairs for a period of sixty (90) days from the date of pickup or delivery. If the unit fails with the SAME PROBLEM within this period, return the unit immediately and we will service it at no charge. If the unit requires ADDITIONAL PARTS to solve the ORIGINAL problem, you will be charged ONLY for the parts. ALL returns are subject to inspection and evaluation by If, upon inspection, it has been determined that the unit in question has been subsequently modified, abused, tampered with, or repaired by another service organization, the customer will be duly notified and an estimate for the additional incurred diagnostic and service charges will be issued.