Maybe it’s because our roots go back to service and repair (BEL started as a TV and radio repair service!) back in the early 70’s, but we feel that our relationship with customers is only beginning when they purchase equipment from us. We want to make sure our customers know how to operate and care for their new equipment. If we install your new equipment, we take pride in making sure it is installed correctly and operating flawlessly before we leave your site.

After that, BEL stands by with a full staff of repair technicians who are trained and certified by the major manufacturers that we represent. Most repairs are done in-house at our Bear, DE warehouse, unless we have to ship it back to the manufacturer under rare circumstances. If your equipment was purchased from us, we will work with you to find a free rental piece of equipment to keep your system up and running.

BEL will also gladly repair many products not purchased from us. See the lists below.

We are rolling out a new Service Request form to streamline the process for both ship-in and walk-in repairs! Please click here to submit a new Repair Request.

If you have a question about a product you want to have repaired click here to email our service department.

Factory Authorized Warranty Service is available for the following manufacturers:

Harman Professional Products*, which includes: AKG* BSS Audio*, BSS Soundweb Green*, Crown*, DBX*, JBL Pro*, Lexicon and Soundcraft*

Music Tribe Sold Trough AVL*, which includes: Behringer Pro*, Klark Teknik*, Lab Gruppen*, Lake*, Midas*, Tannoy* and Turbo Sound* (NOTE: All warranty repairs must be preapproved by AVL through there website avlmediagroup )

McIntosh Laboratory*, QSC*, Yamaha Pro*

*We offer premiere  service for listed manufacturers with an asterisk.

In addition to the above, Support is offered for the following manufacturers:

  • AMX
  • Anchor
  • Ashly Audio
  • Audio Research
  • Biamp / Community Speakers
  • Carver Pro Only
  • Clair Brothers
  • Clear-Com
  • Countryman
  • Crestron
  • D & B Audioteknik
  • Draper
  • Drawmer
  • EAW
  • Electro-Voice (EV)
  • Extron
  • FSR
  • Furman
  • Galaxy Audio
  • Kramer Electronics
  • Krell
  • KV2 Audio
  • Listen Tech
  • Lectrosonics
  • MC2
  • Meyer Sound
  • New Frontier
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure
  • TC Electronics
  • Technical Projects
  • Telex
  • Yorkville

The Age Old Question Refoam VS Recone

When it comes to the question of refoam vs replacement or recone here is our answer. If you can afford the replacement or recone, that is your best decision. When you refoam, the foam kits are aftermarket. With the right kit there should be no problem with performance, unless the voice coil has been slightly damaged. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what shape the voice coil is in without pulling it, which destroys the speaker. If the speaker was in use and you heard a strange noise, pulled the speaker cover and noticed the foam was gone around the speaker, you should not get it refoamed. The noise you heard was the voice coil rubbing against the magnet structure. On the other hand, if the speaker was just sitting in storage, not being used, and when you took the speaker out of storage you noticed the foam missing, it would probably be OK to refoam the speaker. Also, if the speaker was in use and the foam looks like it is about to fall apart, refoaming will be OK. The replacement will give you new performance results as will a recone. A recone is the removal of all moving parts in the speaker and replaced by OEM parts. Recones are normal practice on high-end professional speakers that are blown up during use. For consumer speakers that are no longer available, recones are the most common practice because they give you like-new performance at a reduced cost.