Event Production

Audio Production

Bring life to your next event, whatever it may be, by allowing BEL.com to add reinforced audio. Consider this: Your speaker may not need a microphone to be heard in a small room, but providing a microphone grabs your audience’s attention, and helps them to focus and listen. BEL.com can provide audio for meetings, parties, and concerts whether it is a single microphone or mixing an entire band. Events can also be multitrack recorded and duplicated. We carry the latest digital consoles for the best possible sound to meet every need.

Video Production

BEL.com can provide video projection for any event featuring EIKI Theater Projectors and large display screens. We can place movies, live video, or PowerPoint Presentations on a large screen to enhance your next event. Our custom built IMAG rack allows for seemless video transitions. BEL.com’s Event Production staff is well trained and ready to meet your needs.

Need live video? According to your needs, BEL.com can broadcast or record your event with one camera or multiple cameras. We can switch it live adding graphics, titles, pictures, etc. in real-time or add these elements during post-production after your event.

Event Planning & Production

Let BEL.com help you plan and produce your event. We have managed and produced every type of event and know what to expect and what details need attention so you don’t have to worry. We will coordinate with venues, 3rd party vendors, speakers & presenters, and ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible.