Walk-In Instructions

If you are local or are passing by our Bear, DE location and would like to drop off your equipment for repair, feel free to do so. If you would like it shipped back to you please bring the shipping carton with the unit. We have a standard repair rate of $90 per unit for most electronics repairs. There are some exceptions to this standard rate. McIntosh¬†Laboratory¬†units are $150 minimum due to the extensive tests and calibration procedures. Other things that fall outside of the $90 would be power amps that are completely dead or are blowing fuses for example. We require the $90 upfront or $150 for McIntosh units. Additional costs may be paid at time of pick-up. We will notify you either via phone or e-mail if your unit’s repair cost will be above the standard rate, and get your approval to proceed with the repair.

If your unit is under warranty please bring a copy of your receipt with you when you drop the unit off. If you cannot locate the receipt we can in some cases just take the date of sale and store location and verify that with the manufacturer.

If you have any additional question fell free to email the service department at service@bel.com.